Ilya Schegolev is an author of the bestsellers “Handwriting’s mysteries", "16 person’s types – 16 handwriting’s types" and "Face’s mysteries", which received a wide recognition in Russia and the states of a former Soviet Union. He’s a continuer of Russian graphologists’ nice traditions of the beginnings of XX century.


The work on books about graphology started long before 2004. But exactly this year marked a great success of the book “The handwriting’s mystery” and it wasn’t a random event. Even back then it was evident that the graphology, taking by some people as an entertainment or even charlatanism, was a long expected and actual topic in Russia. It’s not surprising that they had to release two more editions of “The handwriting’s mystery, the book doesn’t stay long on the counters.


The same happened with the second book “16 personality’s types – 16 handwriting’s types”, that was released at the end of 2004. As a matter of fact this book is a sequel of the first one (“The handwriting’s mystery”) and as statistics says many readers who have bought the first book, buy the second one too. The second edition of the book is been preparing at the moment.


Ilya Schegolev is also interested in using of an ancient art called physiognomy as an instrument for analyzing a human character. The book “The Faces’ Mystery” was released in June 2005 as a result of this work.


All three books were released in Russia by the leader of scientific literature – the publishing house “Piter”. The total edition of Ilya Schegolov’s books is about 120 000 copies.


The uniqueness of Ilya Schegolev’s creativity consists in the application of the methods of graphology and physiognomy which were checked up by the time, to the new problems which are put by a modern business, a policy, a training. In the books the author’s researches and the last years’ experience of the graphologists of different countries are successfully combined. Each of the methods described in the books passes a numerous approbation in practice. And as appeared, the use of the methods of graphology and physiognomy is effective not only in policy, business and training, but also in solution of daily household problems. Ilya Schegolev and his command conduct an active practice, introducing the results of the work on a wide space from the Baltics up to east marches of Russia.


The work on promotion of graphology in Russia proceeds actively. In this connection the PR-campaigns, including the publications in press, accommodation of posters and promo actions in cities of Russia are held.


Ilya was born in St.Petersburg. He has been working in spheres of graphology and physiognomy.


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