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The appearances aren’t deceptive. But not everybody knows reading by face and between the lines. Have a look at the signature of your partner – and you’ll learn his strong and weak sides. Study your friend’s handwriting and you’ll understand if you can trust him. Keep up with the gestures and mimicry of your new acquaintances and you’ll be able to decide if they’re good enough for a closer acquaintance…

The language of gestures, appearances, walk, clothes, handwriting, drawing can say almost everything about a person. You just have to learn to understand this language. The new book by Ilya will help you with that. The book is in the shops since the middle of November.

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With the help of Ilya's books "Handwriting's Mysteries" and "16 Person's Types - 16 Handwriting's Types" thousands of readers began to master graphology - the science about correspondence of character and handwriting. The new book is a logic continuation of these bestsellers. With its help you'll open a lot of secrets of human's character, will learn how to define the character, to choose a lover, to guess the health state or to make the stuff selection. You'll also have unique opportunity to get into great people's mystery and to learn what Eltcin's, Stalin's and other people's signatures tell.

Soon this book will appear in many shops in Russia, the CIS and Baltic countries. In the near future Ilya will meet his readers.

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Face's mysteries

The human's character is closed book but only at first sight. Scientists', philosophers' and psychologists' age-old researches leaded to the creation of some techniques which are simple and unfailing at the same time. With their help it's possible to indicate traits of personality by the evident outer signs. Everyone can master these techniques. Thousands of readers have become familiar with graphology (the science about accordance of character and handwriting) by the books of young psychologist Ilya Schegolev “The handwriting secrets" and “16 types of personality - 16 types of handwriting". In his new book Ilya will reveal to you the secrets of ancient Chinese art of reading by faces. Physiognomy - that's how this science is called nowadays. Strange but it's a fact, the form of nose, shape of one's eyes or wrinkles will tell about the person more than the most truthful biography. Owing to this book you'll learn how to analyze the acts of your relatives in a better way, to define immediately characters of little known people and even to foretell the destiny. This book will be useful in different situations: the first meeting or the choice of lifetime companion, the definition of future relation's prospects in personal or official life. Besides, the book will help you to look into yourself, all you need is to arm yourself with a mirror. What sort of person are you? What kind of people are around you? Open the book and you'll get the exact answers to these difficult questions. 

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It’s typical for people to have a preconceived attitude to themselves and to entourage. It’s difficult for us to be unbiased – in three minutes after an acquaintance labels ready “a nice guy”, “a ladies’ man”, “a duffer”… And then this express-description becomes some kind of foundation of interrelations. It’s not surprisingly that this haste often brings to misunderstanding, to clashes, to disappointments.

So how can we avoid it? The simplest advice is not to hurry with conclusions, to collect more information about the person, to analyse it and only after this all to form your opinion.

Psychologists solve successfully the problem of definition of person’s types using an analysis of handwriting. The book’s author affirms: “This method is available to everybody. Try yourself in graphology, amplify your ideas about yourself and about an entourage. Thanks to this you’ll learn how to get on with people and how to obtain from them everything you want to.

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In XVII century when the first book about graphology was released people believed that only a clairvoyant could define person’s traits by a handwriting. Nowadays, especially abroad graphology has lost its esoteric characteristics, has got a scientific status and is widely used on practice: some firms use consultations of a graphologist when they examine candidature to fill the vacancy. The book “Handwriting’s mysteries” will teach you to guess the meaning of  a person’s character, to find out his secret motives, suppressed wishes after reading only a few lines, written out by hand. From this moment flourishes, hooks, stroke are not only individual peculiarity of a handwriting but also an impression of human’s soul.

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