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16 person's types 16 handwriting types


Chapter 1. Introduction in typology

Brief history of typology
Eight preferences
Extravert or introvert
Touch or intuitive type
Cogitative or feeling type
Deciding or perceiving type
You concern to what type

Chapter 2. The manual on graphology

Features of handwriting
And character traits
Attributes of the form and character
Attributes of the size
Attributes of position of letters
Corner of an inclination of handwriting
Intervals between words and letters
Additional attributes of handwriting

Chapter 3 Sixteen histories from life

History the first. The planned life
History the second. All for others
History the third. Barbarous feeling
History the fourth. Gloomy presentiments
History the fifth. Whether it is necessary to change the husband
History the sixth. Intellectual monomania
History the seventh. Strange taste
History the eighth. Nasty ideas
History the ninth. How to choose the assistant
Histories the tenth and the eleventh. The eloquent letter "M"
History the twelfth. The reference to the God
History the thirteenth. The eternal pupil
History the fourteenth. To convince others
History the fifteenth. The theorist
History the sixteenth. Flight from conflicts




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Ilya Schegolev, 2005.