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From the small letter to great destiny




Chapter 1. As capital letters reflect character

Chapter 2. Secrets of lower case letters

2.1. The letter "o" and integrity of character
2.2. The letter "a" and ability to give the talent
2.3. The letter "b" and planning of actions
2.4. The Russian letter and ability to keep the independence
2.5. The Russian letter "" and tendency
2.6. The letter "m" and in a life
2.7. The letter and style of actions
2.8. The Russian letter "" and an establishment of contacts
2.9. The letter and understanding of necessity
2.10. The letter "y" and ability to estimate a situation
2.11. The letter and protective mechanisms
2.12. The Russian letter and creative potential
2.13. The Russian letter and a signal to changes
2.14. The letter "c" and mastering of life experience
2.15. The Russian letter and strength of mind
2.16. The Russian letter and protection of vital space
2.17. The Russian letter and skill to finish business
2.18. The Russian letter and formation of integrity

Chapter 3. Practical application of graphology

3.1. Disclosing of character under the signature
3.2. A choice of the partner in life
3.3. Selection of the personnel
3.4. Handwriting and health

Chapter 4. Handwriting of outstanding people

4.1. Arkady Gaydar
4.2. Boris Pasternak
4.3. George Zhukov
4.4. Joseph Stalin
4.5. Konstantin Paustovsky
4.6. Samuil Marshak
4.7. Lev Tolstoy
4.8. Leonid Brezhnev
4.9. Lavrenty Berya
4.10. Michael Koltsov
4.11. Vladimir Vysotsky
4.12. Boris Yeltsin
The conclusion
The literature



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Ilya Schegolev, 2006.